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Top 5 Reasons to Replace Old AC with a PTAC

The hospitality industry has changed with the newly improved Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners. These PTACs have become the preferred choice for commercial buildings, such as hotels, motels, hospitals, school dormitories, and other commercial buildings.

You’ve probably used a PTAC before, but now’s the time to know how it world and why California commercial buildings are making the switch.

What is a PTAC Unit?

A PTAC unit is a type of air conditioner used in hotels and motels. Unlike a central air conditioning unit, the PTAC allows each consumer to control the temperature in their respective rooms. You can use them to heat or cool a single room at a time. It is a unitary air conditioning system.

A PTAC unit is ductless. It could either use a heat pump or an electric heater. The heat pump works perfectly if you want to use it only for cooling and won’t need it for heating. The electric heat PTAC is preferable if you want to use it for heating during winter and for cooling during the warm season.

Why California Commercial Buildings are Converting to PTAC

A PTAC unit is an amazing choice. It comes with several benefits. This explains why several commercial buildings in California are replacing their old AC with a PTAC unit.

  1. Electric bills savings

A PTAC unit has a higher energy efficiency rating. Its energy efficiency rating could be up to 12.2 when you compare it to other air conditioning units. The energy efficiency rating shows how well the PTAC unit takes and converts electricity into cold or hot air.

Commercial building owners are turning to PTAC units because it is a cost-efficient option. It helps you save energy and reduce the amount of electricity you consume. The smart control feature allows for flexibility in the running time and saves energy.

Using a central air conditioning system in a hotel to control the temperature of the entire building could be expensive. It means the air conditioning would have to be on always. With the PTAC unit, you can control the temperature of specific rooms that you want per time.

  1. Low initial cost and simplicity

Unlike other air conditioning options, the PTAC is fairly affordable. It means that you would spend less to get it. Also, you can easily replace it if the need arises. It is also easy to install, especially since it is ductless and comes with a wall sleeve. It fits directly into a wall and is self-contained.

It is also cheaper and easier to maintain a PTAC unit. The filters of this air conditioning system are removable. So, you can remove them and clean them. The PTAC unit is a quieter option, which is why commercial building owners and managers prefer it.

Guests in hotels, motels, apartments, or patients at hospitals can have a quiet night’s rest without the noise of an air conditioning unit. The quietness of it makes a PTAC unit ideal for hospitality business owners, who would want to serve and keep their customers.

It is also best for a work environment. Offices use PTAC units since its silent performance lets you work without noisy disturbances. With the PTAC, you can focus on the task at hand and work efficiently.

The simplicity of the PTAC unit also extends to its operational setup. The control is user-friendly and anyone can operate it. You can easily choose your desired temperature with the remote system.

  1. Low carbon footprint

The emission of carbon dioxide is one of the major factors responsible for global warming in the world today. A lot of air conditioning units emit carbon dioxide into the environment. So, a lot of business owners contribute to global warming by using an air conditioning unit that emits carbon dioxide.

A PTAC unit is an environment-friendly air conditioning option. It helps to conserve the environment, making it safer for habitation. It reduces the amount of carbon dioxide released into the environment.

  1. Safer for use

The PTAC units help to regulate and maintain the temperature of the room. So, there is no risk of fire because of overheating. It also maintains consistent air circulation across the building. With this, there will be no fear of condensation forming in the building.

  1. Flexible design

Getting the right PTAC unit for your building is very important. Air conditioning units need to produce a specific British Thermal Unit. So, choosing the wrong air conditioning unit for your space can make your room uncomfortable or stuffy.

A PTAC unit comes with several flexible designs. It offers versatility and flexibility to the owners of commercial buildings. It makes it a preferred choice for many. Irrespective of the peculiar requirements of your space, there is always a PTAC unit that would be the perfect fit for it.

To get the right PTAC unit for your space, you would need to calculate the BTU requirement for your building. Getting the wrong PTAC unit for your building can reduce the efficiency and lifespan of the unit. Reach out to PTAC experts to determine the ideal unit for your space.


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