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Well, they were respectful, on time, courteous, walked us through the steps of the process, and returned our phones calls quickly. I really enjoyed the service. Just the professionalism, I have dealt with a lot construction workers, and they aren't all professional like Bay Area Home Services is.

̶ Hugo B.

I thought they did a good job. They were just wonderful. The workers were great, and everything turned out just fine. My contact provided me with a lot of different options. We have a dual-house, so having options was nice.

̶ Jaime S.

They are professional, honest, and hardworking. Just the attention to detail, as their attention to detail is good. They are clean and polite.

̶ Ross F.

I recommend them very highly. They came on time and cleaned up afterward. They came out on time, and they did the job professionally. They seemed to know what they were doing. I was very comfortable with the work they were doing. They cleaned up, were polite, and spoke English. There was a lot.

̶ Doris L.

Their prices are fair, and the workers were professional. They were prompt, and they came out when they said they would. They were also accurate with their estimate. What I liked best was that they took all of the guess work out of it. I didn't really have any experience with HVAC systems prior to this, and I didn't feel like I was getting taken advantage of. He explained everything so that my wife and I could understand.

̶ Damon C.

I had a really good experience. Chris, the owner, is a good guy, very honest, professional, and I really enjoyed working with him. Chris, the owner, was a real straightshooter. Everything came in below the estimate. They showed up when they said, and we had a really good experience.

̶ David B.

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