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What is a Mini Split AC System?

A mini split ac system

It is, once again, a sweltering summer evening. You toss and turn in bed with utmost difficulty, but there’s barely any hope of finding a small piece of cold air. The whirling fan above just moves the hot air around, making it worse. And there it is again. The central AC down below tries to cool your house down to the last degree, but the wave of hot air mocks its efforts. It is a real scenario for many homeowners who have to face a similar situation with traditional ducted systems. Cold air gets lost battling the laws of physics, trickling through a labyrinth of dusty ducts before reaching its target – often leaving rooms uncomfortably warm.

To deal with this bigger issue, there is a simple and ingenious answer that has nothing to do with any creative idea from sci-fi movies. Get a mini-split air-conditioning system (ductless mini-split). These innovative heroes disrupt the usual AC units by going ductwork-free and thus avoiding the bulkiness of the typical model. Consequently, they discard the traditional bulky outdoor units and the indoor units (indoor air handler units) are installed strategically in each room. Just like your own personal climate-controlled pods, the air is delivered right where you need it, cold (and warm in some cases – let’s dive into that!).

So, if you are sick and tired of that uphill battle against cold and hot temperatures, high energy bills (thanks to duct losses!), and the incessant groans from the poor overworked AC, you should keep reading. This article from Precision Air Solutions will tell you all about mini-split ACs, the unparalleled champions of energy efficiency, and how they can turn your home into a haven of complete temperature control.

What is a Mini-Split AC? How Does it Work?

Regular central air conditioning (HVAC) systems cool the whole house, not always guaranteeing uniform temperatures and consuming energy unnecessarily. The mini-split AC systems (ductless mini-split, ductless AC) are a good substitute because they focus on personalized comfort and efficiency.

Mini-split systems operate through a two-step process. The compressor and condenser are located in the outdoor unit, which is the main part of the system. The indoor units (ductless indoor units) positioned strategically in each room are responsible for the circulation of the air. Unlike traditional AC, mini-splits may be powered by refrigerant, not magic, to produce their cooling magic. This refrigerant is circulated between the indoor and outdoor units, extracting heat from your indoor air. The heat is then extracted and expelled outside the refrigerant line leading to a steady and cool airflow in each room. This removes the struggle with uneven temperatures and the reliance on antiquated window units.

However, mini-split systems have even more to offer! Ductless heat pumps, which are also known as mini split systems, can do the opposite of the cooling process, acting as a heating system in cold months. They take the heat energy even from the surprisingly low outdoor temperatures and use the same network of refrigerant tubing to distribute it indoors, heating your entire house.

Mini-split systems are great because they allow for individual room temperature control. Each indoor unit is usually equipped with its own thermostat that gives way to personalized comfort and reduction of energy waste from cooling unused spaces – a common problem of traditional AC systems. Moreover, the absence of ducts and the associated energy losses is very energy efficient in mini-split systems. It is equal to lower energy usage and eventually, lower energy bills which can be seen in high energy star ratings.

In either case, be it a new build or a remodel of an old house, mini-split AC systems are a winning choice. The compatibility of these systems is not only for people with specific cooling needs but also for those with limited space. The installation process is as simple as making a small hole for refrigerant tubing, power cable, and condensate drain, which does not require ductwork modifications. This multi-functionality makes them an ideal option for room additions. In this part, the installation and maintenance of these high-efficiency comfort solutions will be discussed.

Mini-Split AC vs.Traditional Air Conditioning

The decision between a typical centralized air conditioning (HVAC) system and a mini-split AC (ductless mini-split) system depends on your particular needs and home layout. undefined

Traditional Air Conditioning

Traditional HVAC system
  • A good solution for big houses with existing ducts.
  • Cools the entire house with one outdoor unit, but may not be able to achieve uniform temperatures.
  • Energy losses are caused by leaky or poorly insulated distribution ducts.
  • Ductwork modification must be done by a professional.

Mini-Split AC Systems

  • Best for zoned cooling/heating, ideal for small houses or individual rooms.
  • Efficient heating option (heat pump function) that uses the outside air for warmth.
  • Eliminates energy losses associated with ducting.
  • Easy installation, involving a small hole for connecting the indoor and outdoor units.
  • The indoor units offer individual room temperature control using remote control for each indoor unit.
  • Energy efficiency that is higher than that of traditional AC systems, usually demonstrated by Energy Star ratings.

Traditional AC systems cool your entire house by using just one central cooling system, which may mean you waste energy in areas that are not being used. Mini-split systems, in contrast, focus on individual comfort by allowing you to cool or heat selected rooms with multiple indoor units linked to a single outdoor unit. This contributes to energy conservation and gives you more control over the temperature settings.

Is a Mini-Split AC Right for You?

Mini-split AC systems provide an ideal solution for many homeowners; however, are they the right choice for you? Here are some key factors to consider:

Square Footage

Mini-split systems are the best choice when it comes to smaller dwellings (such as apartments, condos, or bungalows) or a particular room in a bigger house. They’re the best at zoned cooling, so you can adjust the temperature precisely where you want it. If your estate is sprawling and with a lot of square footage, a central AC system in the middle might be a better option to ensure uniform cooling in the entire house.

Cooling Needs

Do you like a cool breeze that covers your entire house or do you prefer to cool down only certain areas, such as a sunroom or a home office that gets too hot in the afternoons? Mini-split systems are the best option in the case of the latter. They make it possible for you to create your own comfort zones, without the need to cool those that are not used, thus saving energy.

Existing Ductwork

If your house already comes with a ductwork system that is in great working order, a traditional air conditioning system might be more cost-effective in the beginning. However, the long-term benefits of mini-split systems should be considered as well. For instance, the older types of ductwork are more susceptible to leaks and inefficiencies that ultimately result in energy wastage and higher energy bills. Unlike central air conditioning systems that rely on ductwork to circulate air, mini-split systems do not need ducts, so they become more energy efficient and in some cases can even lead to lower energy usage over time.

Doubtful about whether the mini-split system is the right choice? Our Precision Air Solution experts are at your service! We offer a free consultation where we assess the individual needs of your home and recommend the most appropriate cooling and heating system for you. In the next section, we will cover the installation and maintenance of the mini-split systems so that you can make an informed decision.

Installation and Maintenance of Mini-Split AC Systems

Mini-split AC systems provide a new way to breathe (quite literally) for those who are used to traditional AC installations. Here’s a glimpse into what to expect:


  • Free consultation

Precision Air Solutions provides a free consultation to determine the layout of your home, the cooling requirements, and the square footage. Our professional technicians will take the time to understand your comfort goals and desires. Whether you want to make your bedroom a cool place to be in, conquer the afternoon heat in your home office, or have a mini-split system to give you consistent cool air throughout your entire living space, we will design a tailored solution for you. The consultation will also clarify the optimal number and position of indoor units to ensure comfort and effective cooling in the target areas.

  • Site survey

The consultation will be followed by a thorough site survey to find the best location for the outdoor unit where it can operate optimally and unnoticeably. In addition, they will carry out a detailed plan of the route for the refrigerant tubing, power cable, and condensate drain between the indoor and outdoor units. This guarantees a neat and professional installation that has the least impact on your home environment.


The mini-split systems are associated with user-friendly maintenance. The cleaning of air filters regularly is critical to guarantee effectiveness and air quality. Most of the indoor units come with filters that can be washed with water and dried. Aside from the filter cleaning, it is also advisable to have professional cleaning done every two years. This professional maintenance usually involves a more comprehensive cleaning of both the indoor and outdoor units, including the coils, drain pan, and fan blades. A technician will also check all electrical parts and refrigerant lines visually for any possible signs of wear or leakage. Regular professional maintenance can find and fix minor issues in the early stages before they become inexpensive repairs that you will incur later, hence increasing the longevity and performance of your mini-split system.

Looking at its straightforward setup as well as the advantages of preventive maintenance, the mini-split system is the optimal solution for the year-round comfort of your home with low maintenance.

Embrace Comfort and Efficiency with Mini-Split AC Systems

Mini-split AC units have changed the way we think about home comfort forever. Their innovative design eliminates the limitations of traditional central air conditioning, offering a multitude of benefits:

  • Zoned cooling and heating

Establish individualized comfort zones and no energy will be wasted on cooling rooms that are not in use.

  • Superior energy efficiency

Bye-bye to duct losses and hello to lower energy consumption and possibly lowered energy bills. Many of the mini-split systems have Energy Star ratings that are very high.

  • Easy installation

No need to make big changes to ductwork. The installation usually involves only a small hole through which the outdoor and indoor units are connected.

  • Flexibility

The range of indoor units is tailored to various room setups and ceiling heights.

  • Quiet operation

Mini-split systems are also known to operate quietly unlike the traditional AC units.

  • Efficient heating

Most models are heat pumps that use outside air for efficient and comfortable heating during the winter.

Thinking about installing a mini-split AC system in your house? Precision Air Solutions is the place for you to find everything related to mini-splits! From free consultations to professional installation and ongoing maintenance, our team is geared towards helping you achieve maximum comfort and energy savings. Get in touch with us today and we will discuss how a mini-split system can transform your home into a sanctuary of personalized climate control.

Here’s a quick table summarizing the key differences between traditional central air conditioning and mini-split AC systems:

FeatureTraditional Central ACMini-Split AC
Cooling ApproachCools the entire houseSpecific cooling of particular rooms or zones
DuctworkRequires existing ductworkDuctless design
Energy EfficiencyBeing prone to duct losses, efficiency may be lower.Superior energy efficiency; there is no duct loss.
InstallationComplex installation that involves ductwork modification.Simple installation, typically only requires a small hole for connecting units.
Temperature ControlThere is no individual room temperature controlPrecise regulation of temperature in each area by using separate thermostats.
Heating OptionMay require a separate heating system.Many models also work as heat pumps for efficient heating.

We hope this complete guide has helped you to understand the many benefits of mini-split air conditioners. If you’re ready to revitalize your home comfort, get in touch with us at Precision Air Solutions and let’s discuss how mini-split systems can change the way you enjoy comfort and energy efficiency in your home!

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